How to Help

Here at Valley Shmooze everything is done by volunteers. From time to time we need extra help to get things going or to get things done. Here is a list of things that if we can get help for, can really enhance the Shiur.

1. Donations.

Every Thursday night we provide cholent or sushi for the people who make it to the location to help encourage attendees. This can be costly as the months go on. If we can get donations this can really help with our growth. If you are interested in helping with this please click here. All donations are tax deductible and can be made with Maisser.

2. Torah Anytime.

Our videos get roughly 10 views each. We would like to broaden our viewership and share with more of the world these extremely well prepared shiurim. But we need your help! We have applied to be on Torah Anytime, but we were never responded to. If someone can help us get on there would greatly help spread the love of Torah that we have.

3. YouTube.

If you are not aware of why we no longer have Live shiurim, please see this post. We would like to offer the live option again. But in order for this to happen, we will need our account to be reinstated. Until this happens, or, if someone pays for a paid for live streaming platform, we will not be able to offer the live option.

4. Share!

Just using the share button under and video will greatly help spread the word of this website. The more people watch the videos the more Chizuk we get to make things better. Please help spread the word of Valley Shmooze, and help spread Torah!

Thank you in advance, and thank you for being a Valley Shmooze visitor.